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What type of service is it?
The terms used for a service are often selected by the family, and the Funeral Director takes that direction and uses the appropriate wording. The term Funeral is used to explain a service with the body present. A Memorial Service is technically a service without the body present. In the last 15 years, a newer term of "Celebration of Life" gained some popularity. Should a family desire that wording any Funeral Director will accomodate them.
A Funeral Director told me of a wise Pastor, who at a funeral said these words, "Some would say today that we are to celebrate - and with time we will. But not just today, for today our hearts are broken and the wound is open and deep. Our heart cries out for the grief it is experiencing, so today, celebrate is little more than we are prepared for..."

 Our mention of, "A business still around from the good old days..." refers to the longevity of this firm and the very few Funeral Directors who have owned and operated this business.
The funeral home has the pleasure of doing business with an Attorney who has been in business a long time, a CPA who has been in our area for a long time also. For us, it is comforting to know that a business professional that has served the community since for a long time is still going to the office each day.
With this funeral home, the ownership passed from Nollie Washburn, to E.N. Washburn, to Edward Washburn, and to Kent Dorsey in 1998. We hope that this is some source of comfort to the families that use this funeral home, that as many changes that happen in businesses - this funeral home is still operating and under the ownership of a Funeral Director who has been practicing since 1981.
Many of our local funeral homes are just that way, independent ownership carried on by local owners who many people in Rutherford County have known for a long time. The funeral business is inundated with out of state ownership, and out of state management Funeral Directors and while Rutherford County has that also - we hope that local folks find it comforting that many local firms are still operated by their neighborhood independently owned Funeral Director...


Left to right: Kent Dorsey, Bob Billingsley, Randy Bostic, Dean Baughn, Michael Sersland, Brian Sisk
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